Our Story

The story behind Longhunter Supply starts many years prior when I was in Boy Scouts of America. We were required to learn how to sew our own badges onto our uniforms and be self-sufficient. My first weeklong camping trip up in northern Michigan had us sleeping in military surplus pup tents and eating/cooking/congregating under the same style dining fly. A love for the outdoors and quality, durable goods was born there.

Fast forward a few years when I was in middle school taking a course called “Teen Survival” where we were taught more skills related to daily living in order to make us more independent, self-sufficient teens. This is where I was first introduced to operating a sewing machine on my own. Before this I had to ask my mother to sew anything that needed to be sewn on a machine. Now I had a little working knowledge on how to operate one though I still had to be careful not to use her good sewing scissors incorrectly (sorry Mom).

Fast forward again to 2015 when I started this and acquired the industrial sewing knowledge, and machines to start recreating some of those classic and iconic designs with my own flair. Some of the items you see in our shop are ones born out of necessity, others out of curiosity, and still others out of a pure appreciation of the designs of old. No matter what though, our gear is built to last and to help you get out there to enjoy the outdoors for years to come.